The Advantages of Fiber for the Construction of Swimming Pools

Practicality and immediacy are the key words of this era. But that these do not mean a badly prepared product, on the contrary, quality standards are increasingly high and this adds one more point to the challenge of the challenging market; and what looks like a simple fiber pool also enter that tough and competitive market, with the same demands of practicality, immediacy and quality.

The fiber pools are made from two materials that should not be confused: polyester resin and fiberglass . They are different materials, but at one point in the manufacture of this type of pool, they merge to offer durable designs, with unbeatable finishes.

Fiberglass pools, as it is commonly known, are manufactured in one piece, covered in this material that is composed of a polymer made of thin glass filaments, and then with the polyester resin give the smooth finish, No pores and moldable we see in these pools.

Fiberglass pools

The fiber with which these pools are manufactured is considered a flexible , durable and easy to maintain material, which depending on what you want, can be very economical design and installation. In addition, it is estimated that it can last between 100 and 130 years, as this fiberglass component is difficult to damage.

Fiberglass is a material super resistant to atmospheric aggressions . Assaults that could represent less secure in a concrete pool, because its deterioration or poor finish would produce scratches or any other major incident.

One of the great advantages of fiber pools is the little that is required in construction materials and the time it takes to install them . In less than a week you can be enjoying it and without the traumas of what a restoration of this kind in your garden would mean.

Fiber pools have a low maintenance cost , since your water does not need to be changed regularly, a good maintenance with the right products, and the optimal filtering equipment, will not change the water even in years.

And the icing on the benefits of signing up to a fiber pool, is that they can be removed and moved from one place to another in your own garden or even in another field.

If you are thinking about installing a fiber pool in your home, do not hesitate to contact us. We work with all manufacturers and we will send you the best offer that suits your needs. Just fill out the online budget form and you will receive 3 offers without any commitment.

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