Discover the Advantages of Buying Fiberglass Blinds

When buying a roller blind or other, pay attention to the composition. PVC, Polyester, Fiberglass … what do you have to wear to guarantee the best quality and durability? Why would you want to buy fiberglass blinds ? We are talking today about the main advantages of buying fiberglass blinds.

The fiberglass is a material obtained by processing the glass through the intervention of hundreds of very small yarns which interlace each other to form a mesh. That’s why we know this fabric also as ‘micro-perforated’. Fiberglass is essential in many areas, including the industrial field and construction, for all the properties it brings together.

Normally the roller blinds will be composed of pvc coated fiberglass yarns or pvc coated polyester yarns. If we want a fabric to be as resistant as possible and at the same time act against the heat in the strong months of the year, we can choose to choose those roller blinds that have a greater amount of fiberglass.

For example, in our online store we have several choices of blinds with fiberglass composition, within the screen blinds and opaque blinds :

– Opaque Fiberglass blind . Unlike our other opaque roller model, it is also characterized by the properties of glass fiber because it has the same color on both sides of the fabric. The amount of glass fiber is 25%.

– EcoScreen blinds , with different degrees of opening that determine the thickness and transparency: 1%, 3%, 5% or 10%, the most transparent. The amount of glass fiber is 36% and it is a fabric that comes in neutral tones, perfectly combinable with multiple decorative styles.

Properties of fiberglass

Fiberglass is a compound applied to a multitude of products of daily use and a material used in the manufacture of sunscreen fabrics. Its main characteristic is that it results in a durable and top quality product.

It has a great resistance to breakage, since it can withstand an important load or an important effort without breaking or tearing, and also to the deformation since neither yields nor shrinks. They are also designed for outdoor, thanks to the coating the water does not penetrate the filaments that make up the glass fibers.

Another feature is that they offer a natural and effective ventilation thanks to its air porosity: we also say that it is a transpirant order. A material that offers great stability against thermal differences and that does not suffer deterioration of colors over time, repels dust and moisture and is very easy to clean without needing just maintenance.

Fiberglass is a mineral fiber , inert and without synthesis processes, which prevents any alteration due mainly to the effect of sunlight. At temperatures of up to 70 / 80ÂșC it does not have any dimensional variation. This also allows it to function as a thermal insulator. On the other hand, it offers excellent transparency in the case of screen fabrics, which is decisive in the case of wanting to take advantage of good views.

The fact that the fiberglass has a PVC coating gives it greater strength than on its own, avoiding its breaking or fraying and giving the fabric a firmer appearance. All this converts opaque blinds with fiberglass and screen blinds as a perfect option for both exterior and interior. Yes, recommended in outdoor that are manufactured with lateral guides for a greater subjection without alterations.

Sun protection curtains

As for the specific sun protection products as well as the roller blinds with fiberglass, our showcase blinds have a PVC composition.

In this case it is transparent sheets that will prevent us from getting heat from the outside, it will allow us to have our products exposed and also protected from the sun, without fear of suffering the damages of the solar rays. This product is available to merchants in orange and in smoke finish. Either of the two options is perfect for a showcase, but the greater transparency we will achieve with the smoke finish.

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