15 Fiberglass Pools: All You Need To Know Before Installing One In Your Backyard

Who does not dream of having a pool in the garden or yard? This is the dream of any family. A swimming pool at home is guaranteed fun in the school holidays, because with the rush of everyday life, it is not always possible to take the children for swimming or to a water park.

Having a  pool at home is a way to connect the family in a pleasurable activity, especially in the summer. Today we will check out the advantages and disadvantages you may encounter when choosing a fiberglass pool to install in your yard.

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  1. Types of Swimming Pools

There are three types of swimming pools: fiber, vinyl and masonry. Aluminum is not so popular. The concrete pool is considered the most durable, although it takes longer to finish.

The vinyl is usually rectangular but you can find it in free form as well as in L. It is recommended at least 2 to 3 cm thick to not cause any damage and be careful with sharp objects and pets. Repairing can be expensive, so it is critical to follow the recommendations.

  1. What is the material of fiberglass

The fiber pool is a polymer composed of very thin groups of glass filaments, which is added a polyester resin. This combination results in a flexible, durable and easy to maintain system.

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  1. Pool built with fiberglass

Prefabricated fiberglass pool – built in one piece. The piece is taken to the installation site where the excavation was done with the dimensions (area and depth) of the basin.

  1. The installation of the fiberglass pool

The pool is moved to the place where it will be installed with a crane to the site of the excavation process. This is faster and cleaner than the other two types of pools.

It is important to take into account the available space so that the crane can reach the place of installation without having obstacles in its way. An additional entrance to your backyard is a good idea.

  1. Sizes and shapes

This type of pool on the terrace is smaller and different from the concrete and vinyl. For this type of house fiber is a possible solution, since in these cases the dimensions are smaller.

The dimensions, in which the construction will be made, should vary from 1.70 m to 17.80 m in length; and between 40 cm and 1.70 m.

  1. Choose the right kind of material for your garden

Choose the appropriate pool material according to the type of soil in your area. It pays to consult a local contractor or a pool professional.

  1. The use of chemicals in fiberglass pools

Fiberglass pools tend to use less chemicals and contain less algae since they are not porous.

  1. Durability

The fiber pool can last for 100 years as the glass takes years to decompose, which means the fiber will last longer than plastic or steel.

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  1. The advantages of this type of material

Fiberglass pools are sturdy because they are made from a balanced blend of polyester resin and high strength glass.

  1. The pool fence

As it is made in one piece, it does not suffer any type of leakage.

  1. Installation time

Installation is fast and nothing complex; in less than a week is ready to be used. Then you can decorate your garden with furniture or chairs to relax.

  1. How is the surface of this type of pool?

Fiberglass pools have smooth surfaces, so they are suitable for any type of terrain.

  1. Maintenance

The fiber pool features a lower and cheaper construction cost than that of the vinyl and tile pool. When choosing the model for your yard, it is essential to look after the quality of the product, as we have already mentioned.

  1. In what area does fiberglass not be installed?

You need to consult a professional to choose the most suitable model for your terrain and so your family for a short time will enjoy a delightful weekend at the edge by the pool.

  1. Other advantages and accessories

This type of pool can change position on the same terrain or change to other places without losing its characteristics.

The accessories are the same as the conventional ones: underwater lighting spotlights, hydromassage jets, heaters, waterfalls etc. Finally, the dimensions, in which the construction varies from 1.70 m to 17.80 m in length; and between 40 cm and 1.70 m.

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