Advantages of Fiberglass

Mushroom fiberglass products have many advantages compared to other traditional materials such as steel, aluminum, concrete and wood.

Since its foundation, Cogumelo has promoted the advantages of fiber with its customers, which has made projects feasible, reduced costs and the safety of our customers’ employees expanded.

Check below the main advantages of fiber:
– Corrosion resistance: Performance is long-lasting, even in extremely aggressive environments. A few years ago we did a test on a sample of floor grate that was 18 years ago on an oil rig. The product, which had not undergone any repair since then, still retained sufficient mechanical characteristics to pass safety tests.

– Low maintenance cost: the corrosion resistance of the fiber makes the paint and repair operation virtually eliminated. The savings over similar steel products are significant when we consider not only the cost of purchasing but also the costs of repairs. We did a comparative study for oil rigs and the economy could exceed 40% in a 20-year interval.

– lightness and mechanical strength : we are able to produce fiber structures that are equivalent in resistance and have a weight 66% lower than steel, which allows to reduce transport costs, to facilitate the installation and to design structures with lower weight. There are historical helipad designs in old buildings that were only made feasible due to the use of fiber structures.

– Easy assembly and installation: our fiberglass profiles can be easily moved because they are lighter, can be sectioned with simple tools and are free of welding – which greatly simplifies working in controlled environments, such as oil platforms. In this way, operation with fiberglass can result in less equipment, less need for labor and shorter installation time.

– Flame resistance, low smoke emission and toxicity: Mushroom manufactures pultruded profiles in phenolic resin, which have excellent properties in extreme situations of fire and fire. When compared to pultrudates with polyester resin, phenolic profiles exhibit 99% less flame spread, 80% less carbon monoxide emission, 60% less carbon dioxide emission and 96% lower smoke density. In addition, due to the higher% of glass fiber, phenolic pultrudates have tensile strength and bending at least 50% higher.

– Electrical insulation: fiber is an excellent electrical insulation. Our fiberglass ladders have been in the market for more than 20 years and are homologated and used by several electric sector companies in Brazil.

– Thermal insulation: The first product that Mushroom made on a large scale in the 1970s was glass fiber tractor ceilings, as the fiber insulation properties reduced the temperature for those who operated the vehicle. More recently, in Europe’s colder countries, a number of fiberglass products for the building industry are being marketed as they heat-isolate environments and thus reduce energy consumption.

– Customization: fiberglass profiles can be worked in several cross sections, allowing a huge possibility of combinations and customizations.

– Electromagnetic transparency: fiberglass is transparent to radio waves, microwaves and other electromagnetic frequencies. Fiberglass profiles are used regularly in installations that contain antennas and airports.

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